Michael Rossato-Bennett lives in NYC. He is a householder with a wife, two beautiful children and two dogs. He has accepted the challenge to become Enlightened in one year. Will he succeed?

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Day 207 (Oh my! So many days!)

We are hard wired for it!

So, it has been a while dear diary.   How is it going you may ask, with my journey?  Well, I have been a bad yogi, a bad little searcher, a bad creator of new pathways in my being. I have excuses…  Summer Vacation, working, teaching my children (homeschooling)-  all got in the way and my perfect record has been shattered!- 160 days straight doing my sadnah and then boom, ba doom ba boom.

(Cue sound effect of man falling down stairs)

Too ambitious for me...

What I am mainly seeing, in the mirror usually, is how far I am of my goal to be ‘awakened’.  But I do have some new skills, I can see now the gunk, in my aura, in my spine, I can see the blocks between me and living in truth.  I have actually felt truth.  We did a spinning hands meditation and a number of us went into a brilliant place.  It was so interesting, it is not right away, but later in the meditation we all felt ourselves shift into this place.  I is so cool.  For me it is a place of clear, bright, space.  It is like being in a sensory deprivation chamber actually.   It was just another example of how easy this stuff is. We are hard wired for it!  So on Day #207 it is starting to make sense!  All of us feel this stuff- ALL THE TIME!  only we get no feedback from the culture at lartge that we discount it as something that is not important, not like TV shows or shopping or working or buying, all very important things that we all master.  Can you see what I am seeing here, that we really are in an AGE.  There will be another AGE when other aspects of what we are hardwired for will come to the fore.  That is the amazing thing about humans, that we can prosper in so many differatn ways.

Did you know that the english have had bad health due to industrial foods for 250 years?  Do you know that the Inuit and the Masi eat totally differnt diets and yet are in beautiful health and developmental health?

We are the surviveros, all of us, one and all of the defeated.  Those souls like the indans who did not have our reality were killed, leaving only those who could get this powerful force.  Greed, the individual, the tribe, all very useful, but not the only way.  I do not understand anything about only ways!!!  but I do know that there are much more spacious, interesting, complex ways of experiencint life that are holed up inside my wiring.   I say lets all  celbrate it together.

Men, what do you need?  What do you see?   What do you want to unlock in your nature, in our nature?  Speak it and the ring will make it real.  Let the ring do its magic.  Become worthy of the ring.  Learn to see past your culture inot the nature in your wireing, in your shells, in your auras.

After 207 days I can say that these words like auras aare starting to make sence to me.  I do not belive in them anymore thatn a big god man, but I am starting to need them as vocabulary to express where i want my spirtit to expand.  where I want to flow into.

Men, let  explore our animal natures, our electric natures, our rythmic natures.  The question is:  what are we, when we look inside and filter out our aculturation, our egos? What can we be?  How can we use this time to explore this?  How can we use eachother to reach our best living, to inspire us to live our life’s energy?

Actually, I am also very conciouls of how lovley the structures of the mind are.  Boy jobs are nice, and cops, and peace.  Boy they have a price and maybe that is not true for everything.  I am getting a hint that there may be things that do not have a cost.

In my studiying with Hari, I have been learning about my hard-wireing, really seeing it, listening to it.   It is this listening that is the most helpful and I would reccomend it to all of you.  Listen to the space between the sounds and the spaces between the very molocules of your body, you just might catch a glimpse of the you that is not a creature of your ego, or your mind, or your culture.

I had a vision in my sleep and it was so big it scared me.  I saw myself, I even went up and asked myself, ‘What is your true name”  and the answer came back Michael.  Michael the angel of death, the slayer of illusion.  And in the vision I was my brother and I and all my friends just celebrating our hard wired desire to touch and sense the truth, and I saw us filling madison square garden and we all had sadnahs and I had written a book called, You are hard wired for it!! and together we all explored to this amazing music, the power of rhythm to heal,  the joy of the pulsation of energy in our bodies, the sorrowful yearning for love, the courage of fearless casting of of limitations and we all held hands in an honoring of our capacity and desire to fly together.  We are hardwired for energy states we have no vocabulary for, for realities that fly in the face of all we know.  I want to be part of communal explosions of higher energy.   I want to conduct an audience, I want to see fireworks of energy from thousands of people at once.  I want to do spiritual fireworks together with many!!!

People are ready for this, we need to train them, give them permission and a container.  We need to show them what they are capable of…

This is a worthy vision for me!!!


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