Michael Rossato-Bennett lives in NYC. He is a householder with a wife, two beautiful children and two dogs. He has accepted the challenge to become Enlightened in one year. Will he succeed?

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Day 208- More on the Vision

Just look around, you have never looked at it and seen it for what it is- we are preparing ourselves…

I see a whole generation of us, of all ages, practicing.

Getting ready?

We do not know why, really, we are doing what we are doing, but it is a learning.

We are learning through experience only.  We are feeling into our deepest crevices and seeing their foolishness limitations but loving them for it.  We are learning to experience what we are wired for, in exercise, yoga, and other things we are awakening these joys.

Today I decided we should write a book called, Sex with No Genitals.  If you can have sex with no genitals you graduate this course.

Foolish us, we are too enamoured with the game of objects and predicable identity,  we pretend to care so much about our things and pretend to think they are us.  But deep down we know it is not true.  No one can actually own anything.  We can make, we can hoard, we can defend, steal, but in the end we are just playing with time and we can not really own.  But we know this.  We are so wise. We are doing it to be kind, to be predictable. But we all know this is not our nature.  We all seek release, booze, drugs, drama, we want to shake out if only for moments.

The gifts of expanding into your energetic potential are enormous. Imagine being young and in full power of your mind, your heart, your nature, your consciousness.  When you can have sex without your genitals you will be there! The test is even easier, you can use em, but they are just the tip of the iceberg of you.  If you can release into the huge underwater iceberg that is your self you will experience fearlessness, and if you experience fearlessness you can look straight into the symphony of your own life, into the symphony of all life.

And the proof is we are going to do it together.  We are going to become thick channels, we will have the endurance not to quit and we will do this thing.   We are going to experience the infinite together.  We are going to use our wiring and we are going to go there together.

But there will be not be the Guru!

We will master the language of the rhythms and energies and movements and emotions and we will reach it together 50,000 strong.  How about a 50,000 person orgasm?  now that would be a worthy goal.

This is the vision- The mastery of energy to such a degree that we are trustworthy.  What a worthy goal, even to experience it for one night.

If i concentate on the pulsations of all the systems in my body at the same time, rhythm, blood, sex I understand all I did not understand in my life.  There is so much potential of being when you are following the moment, in movement, in pulsation and in music.  There is something so deep in releasing to the fallings- the falling into music, love, movement, energy, fearlessness.  We are all the fallings.  And that is the tears in our eyes that really there is nothing but the sweet energy we are wired to experience for us.

Tonite.  We fall in movement, in love, into the beat.

Tonight we will mourn ourselves into joy, mourn our foolishness, our hungers, our false elevations, our freezings and our small meltings.  Tonight we will draw strength from each other.  Tonight we will take out the wings we have been practicing with, and we will draw strength from each other, that is how we are wired.  Much is possible with our human form.  The masters will raise the students.  We will occupy the selves we are capable of being-  we will occupy the rings we are capable of being.  Tonite we make the ring.

I am discovering that the vocabulary of energy can solve all our missteps-  for instance, all the problems I had with people when I was young were due to my being being caught up in my mind and the fact that I was not allowing my energy to release into the real world.

Now we mourn, now it truly becomes tragic, this life we live.  We are our own fishbowls, we hold ourselves in small bowls,  trying to convince each other that we are all in fishbowls.  We are truly afraid of our radiance, but not really!

We are wired to shine.  And it is OK not to be more than we are.  We are amazing as we are.  Say, ‘even though I know now that I am not the supreme child of god, even though I know that our wiring is beta, and limited and fragile, still I will play what I have been given.

You can play what you have been given.  The time is now, your heart is telling you, your breath is telling you, your guts and your deep pelvic pulsations are telling you who you are.  You energy is dying to occupy all of the infinite pathways that are within you, and without.

Yogi Bajan said, we must develop caliber and endurance.  This is the work we are doing.  Why are we doing it?  Because we are going to laugh in the face of the greatest brainwash that has ever existed.   We are going to investigate the real that comes from experience.  We are going to unfold and rewrite ourselves and do you know how we will have the courage for this?  We will have the courage because standing beside us, in their own exstacy of conscious expanding becoming, is everyone else.  We are all wired to be god if you will.  God is irrelevant.  the stuff of this universe is what is relative, you are all hared wired to conduct symphonies of the stuff of the universe.   lift your hands, not as anything other than the dance of you body.

Goosestepping is fascism, but,

Goosestepping with consciousness and consciousness of consciousness is just fine.

The time is coming,  we are going to do our goal, we are going to have 50,000 people  fill Madison Square Garden, they will have caliber and endurance and a longing and we will together reach a state of Ecstasy together.  We will set a record.  They will touch with no dogma to bind them together.  It will have no purpose.  It will make no money.  It will be an cleansing, a creation of fearlessness.

A generation is coming that will not succumb to the charms of identity.  they will not be fooled by the man, by the culture, but mostly by their own minds.

We can show them how it is done….

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