Michael Rossato-Bennett lives in NYC. He is a householder with a wife, two beautiful children and two dogs. He has accepted the challenge to become Enlightened in one year. Will he succeed?

A conversation: Is Hari a good Teacher? from Michael Rossato-Bennett on Vimeo.


Day 230- Here is the little movie I made for Hari-

Will I do teacher training?

Should I do Teacher Training?

I want to.  If I am going to become enlightened in the remaining three months left of my project I better get on it as they say!  Anyway, it would be great to immerse myself.  It is so cool what happens when you have other people’s energy around.  Today on my own I flew as high as a dresser, but in class my being just exploded.  I had two moments today in practice that were amazing, that showed me where I could go.

My God, to have what I felt in one moment today, as by ground of being!  Wow, that would be so great.  In this one kriya I felt lines of energy coming out of me and Hari.  It really hints at what it would be like to wake up.  To not live the life of the sleep walkers, or hiding behind the the big man who has been beating up everyone in front of me to keep me safe.  I can now imagine telling him to sit down and then there I would be looking out on the huge world instead of his back!!!

That is where I am now, and why I was stuck.  After the sadanha I have done, I can now push aside my mind and my ego and there is life in front of me in all its glory and terror!  But of course I have to go that way eventually,  i am just taking a breather, a rest before the final sprint.

So, here is the video I made last night to help my teacher get some students for her new Teacher Training, I hope it helps.  It is actually the first thing from my project- tell me what you think!

A conversation: Is Hari a good Teacher? from Michael Rossato-Bennett on Vimeo.

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