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Day 244- Do I do Teacher Training?

I have been struggling with whether it is the right choice for me to do Kundalini Teacher Training with my teacher Hari.

Do I become one of them?

I am having trouble with the codified nature of it.  It came out of the 70′s and has some guru dogma embedded in it.  This Enlighten Me! project is all about the removal of Dogma, so I am having a bit of trouble with it.  I do not want to be a Kundalini teacher, although I have learned so much from Kundalini and do want to teach someday.

Is this all my ego speaking?  Is this all me not wanting to submit to a teacher?  Maybe I am crazy, but I see great wisdom in Yogi Bajan, but his scene is his scene….

I wrote this to my teacher, Hari…  (I wonder what she will say?)

I was listening to the author of “What Technology Wants” – he basically says technology dates back from the stone age and is unstoppable.  It is inevitable.  We will have google in our brains and monitors in our contacts and we will eventually be able to feel other peoples feelings like a movie, technologically.  This is unstoppable.  Technology is.  It follows its own laws and many are similar to nature.

My thinking is this makes the case for why it is absolutely necessary now, that each person develop the caliber, character and endurance necessary to align their choices with the infinite.  The infinite that powers nature, the planets, the universe and each of us.  This alignment to the infinite law makes one trustworthy on the individual level.  With power comes responsibility, and technology is giving us huge power.  We must each become aligned with nature rather than opposed to it.

We must recognize where this opposition to nature comes from, and how the ego serves this opposition.  Most religions were designed with a world view of us hairless apes being helpless before the creatures of the night.  These world views gave us saftey and helped some very clever and greedy people become the creatures of the night themselves.  It allowed us to create economic, social and political structiures that are basically creatures of the night as well.

It is time to shine the flashlights we have invented.  We must discard aligning ourselves with fear, with dogma, with all views that create safety by exclusion.  The time to become trustworthy is now.  Technology will not stop.  We must step up.  It is time for us to individually enlighten instead of communally tighten.  Our survival depended on subduing nature at one time.  This is no longer true.  To me the opposite seems true now.

The laws of the universe, science and nature are actually more trustworthy than the ideas of man.  Technology itself may be more beautiful than anything man has ever done with it and may be the only thing man has made, besides consciousness, that mirrors the unfolding beauty of nature.  I have never seen a piece of art as beautiful as a leaf.  We need to model our identity on the laws of nature rather than the warped laws of the fearful ego.

Who is with me?

I would like to see a world of self initiated beings, beings with the caliber and character necessary to don the super powers that will be ours very soon.  The question I see needing to be answered is this-  What would you need to be connected to so that if your powers were infinite your actions would be trustworthy?  This is the beginnings of an argument against the happiness of the individual and a move toward the dance of interconnected existence.  Interconnected existence is the way of life and the energy of the universe-  Technology has taken us out of survival living and yet this is still how we face the world.  We look out and see ourselves in a jungle of creatures that want to kill us.  We create the evils to make this true, to fit our outmoded world view.  This is why I have always said terrorism should be ignored.  Squashed and ignored.  We must recognize when we are trying to throw ourselves into survival mode and cast those reactions off.

As a planet we must solve all the survival issues we have.  We can do this.  All we have to discard is anything that stands in the way of this.  We must put our consciousness on the table, be willing to discard it.  To do this we must align with nature in our technology.

For each of us the questions must be answered,  Am I living in survival mode?  Do I identify my self with my own fear and pain?  In which ways am I a slave to a survival world view, or a survival social structure?  What do I kill in my way of living and what do I kill it for for? What is my capacity to withstand fear and pain, how long can I endure both?  What tools do I have at my disposal to take me out of survival consciousness? What would it mean for my existence to be in resonance with nature and the infinite?

Hari, in search of imbeding in my being the answers to these questions I will reclaim my channels of energy and my connections, I will learn to endure pain, fear and existence without the support of the ego.  I will open a channel of communication with the laws and energy of the universe itself.  I will recognize dogma, my mind, ego, fear and survival decisions and I will react in concert with the infinite energies that have guided all life since the Big Bang!

I was listening to Yogi Bajan speak last night as part of my practice-  He said, I am just like you, a man, a good actor.  He is not my guru.  He said see the teachings, not me.  I want to learn the teachings from you.  I will become a teacher of self initiation. I want you to be strong enough to take me there.  I do not want to become part of YB’s small business and the dogma that was created to keep that functional, it has it’s own blindnesses.

I need to discard my blindness,  powerfully connect to the infinite and train to help others do the same-  I place myself at your disposal, please take me there.

The Student,


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