Michael Rossato-Bennett lives in NYC. He is a householder with a wife, two beautiful children and two dogs. He has accepted the challenge to become Enlightened in one year. Will he succeed?

A conversation: Is Hari a good Teacher? from Michael Rossato-Bennett on Vimeo.


Day 261- An Invitation

I told my teacher, I wanted to change my life.  I am doing it.  Now, my teacher wants me to invite others to travel with me on this journey.

Are you a Slave?

If you would like to challenge yourself, why not reach high, why not join me and challenge yourself to reach enlightenment in one year.  Personally, I would love the company.  I would love to do this with a ring of searching souls.

Think hard before you jump.  It is not easy.  Think of what would you would have to discard to reach Enlightenment- your ego? your complaints? your narcissism? your world view?

What would you have to take on- a relationship with the infinite? a relationship with a teaching?  a relationship with energy?

Here are some questions that might help-
Is your life leading you where you want to go?
Are you unable to deeply change your being?
Do you think, you are your thoughts?

Are you unable to melt your frozen heart?
Do you have access to the magic of the world?
Are you lost, but sense you could be found?
Do you desire, courage, endurance and connection?

If you are ready- consider this my invitation:
Please join me, challenge your self to reach Enlightenment in one year.   Will we succeed?  Who knows.  We will reach for this- At the end of one year pleasure and pain will be made of the same stuff to us and we will no longer run from pain and run towards the other.

If you join with me you will begin a daily practice, you will begin to strengthen the container that holds you.
You will join a ring of souls and we will help each other reach our goal.

If you want to join us- Let us know why you need to do this journey, and we will send you what my teacher gave me to start my practice…

Here is a link to the survey my teacher created to help you understand this journey- Enlightenment Scale



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