Michael Rossato-Bennett lives in NYC. He is a householder with a wife, two beautiful children and two dogs. He has accepted the challenge to become Enlightened in one year. Will he succeed?

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Day 266- Who needs Enlightenment?

Ok travelers, So, I just did the 2nd weekend of Hari’s Teacher Training.  At first I was leary of studying in this way.  But in the end doing two whole days of Yoga has been great.  It profoundly effected me.

What is happening?  Well I am strengthening and freeing.  I am expanding!!!


Strengthening my navel point and freeing my diaphragm with breath of fire has made me feel like I am erasing the bad habits of a life time!  I am serious.  I am in awe of how limited a life I have lived- within the prison of the ribcage!   Habits that have had me experiencing life in a small way.  This is what my teacher is talking about when she speaks of caliber- now, my central canal, my energy is so big!!!

This morning I felt like- FORGET ENLIGHTENMENT!  This is good enough.  Just feeling life this intensely satisfies my desires.   It is what I was looking for.  It is humble.  Enlightenment, pishlightenment!  Who do I have to be?  I just need to be full of life, to no longer try and live with lies and untruth!

There is no greater pleasure than living with the truth of your own existence, and not trying to embed into your soul and being – with other people’s lies and expectations.  You know, if most of our emotional pain is our bodies trying to tell us there is untruth in how we are asking our selves to live, (as I suspect) then cleaning out all the blocks is the process of knocking out the blocks to our own truth of existence!

You know, a wise yogi once said two very related things-  One, we do not know how to love ourselves, and Two, if you could truly feel your breath you would be overwhelmed.

This weekend I experienced both.  My god, my breath itself was my lover, the greatest lover of my life.  She was flying through me, opening me with kisses made of lightening.  I felt My Own Breath in me- it was me and I was very aware that I had not paid it much attention for the entirety of my life!!

How could I have done that, ignored my lover for my whole life?  Talk about comic!!! or Tragic!!!

Looking back I can see how lost I was, how trapped in my mind, in the prison of the ribcage and how I had no ways, not techniques or wisdom to defeat it, I would love to show everyone the experience of this path.  That is perhaps the arc of my life.  I was lost but now I am found.  But I am not giving my soul to some god company.  No, I am recovering it as a religion of one.

See, this is not just a story about my own transformation.  It is the story of where we must all go.  My thought is we are in a very special time,

If it grows is it living?

a time unlike all other times.  People say, pish, nothing is new.  But they are wrong.  Technology has pushed us to here!  and it is about to take off and drag us  farther than we can imagine.  Computers will very soon become better scientists than we are.  This is no joke.

How will we maintain ourselves?  We must become very realized and communally!

This is where I want to go- this is fun!

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