Michael Rossato-Bennett lives in NYC. He is a householder with a wife, two beautiful children and two dogs. He has accepted the challenge to become Enlightened in one year. Will he succeed?

A conversation: Is Hari a good Teacher? from Michael Rossato-Bennett on Vimeo.


Day 50- self initiation

This morning I awake suddenly after only 5 hours sleep, with an image in my mind.  I want to do my practice.

Superman's Aura

Here is the image in my mind: I am looking at you meditating in the Botanical gardens and I am watching you thinking- ‘This woman I have accepted as my teacher, She is not the great Guru, so, am I crazy?  She is a bit enlightened for sure, but a bit of a crazy Jewish girl as well and obviously not as powerful as Yogi Bhajan… Am I on the right path?”  but then I get this other feeling and it is just as strong…  Her Guru said that we must be able to initiate ourselves, and I get it!

In this time- we must be able to get there without the big Guru, – in this time even little Gurus will  get you there, it is in the air, like pollen.

In a flash I understand this whole project and it suddenly it seems worthy… This is the story of a man who is not there yet. A bit of a fool, he sees what is needed, but he has some big weights on his shoulder- He does not believe in god, he can not feel the unity of all things…. but he feels in his gut that this is the right direction. Will he be able to achieve what his gut wants him to achieve?  Well, he does feel a bit of the Infinite in his meditation… a bit, and he knows that this is what he wants.  In his gut he knows that this is bigger than him, that the world will be destroyed if he does not change, if man does not change…  His gut is moving him forward.  So slowly.  Will he get where he wants to go?  Is it really possible? How close can you come?  What will change in the process?

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