Michael Rossato-Bennett lives in NYC. He is a householder with a wife, two beautiful children and two dogs. He has accepted the challenge to become Enlightened in one year. Will he succeed?

A conversation: Is Hari a good Teacher? from Michael Rossato-Bennett on Vimeo.


Hari and I are doing a workshop at Kirpalu


A note from Hari, my teacher to me:

Sat Nam Michael!!

Our Kripalu workshop is going up on my website

Since we have really not been working on the project – you have I  know:) – meditating and integrating and assessing….

-please make sure you cannot cancel this and we have to go through with it 100% and advertise about it, inviting people and letting them know about it.

Ok?    It will take energy and please lets decide how to advertise about it and how the weekend will go.

Seems so far away  but it is not, Lets get  50- 100  people for this to make it a great party! ( a warm up for your madison square garden event)


OK, so this is so cool.  Hari and I are going to do a workshop on our year long journey together- the journey of teacher and student trying to rebuild one man’s consciousness!  It is going to be such a cool workshop~

The funny thing is that as Hari writes me with this reminder, I am a little down.  The thing is, deep down I know why.  I am struggling with what everyone else is struggling with now.  How do you find your way in a Mad World.  For some it is not a Mad World, but for me when I open my eyes I see it as such.  My struggle is I want to find a way, a way with one foot in the future and one inside myself, a way that finds safety without creating a system that destroys something.  I think the argument is pretty strong that Capitalism will not take us where we need to go.  Will it let go?  Do any of us let go?  (That is the question!!)


Yes I am thrilled about the workshop!  How awesome!!!!  Yes we will do it!  I have been struggling this morning my friend with a weight!  (age, worry, the world, etc.)  Not what I envisioned for the end of my year seeking Enlightenment, but it is what it is…
Here is what is coming to me about the journey.  Personal enlightenment is necessary, but it is not all of the story in this time.  As you have said many times, there are no more caves.  We can not go into the mountains, there are no mountains anymore.  And it is a challenge, think of what it was like for the Enlightened in Tibet when China moved in, or the enlightened in Poland when the Nazis moved in.

There is an essential aspect of being in the world that is much like the Samurai, the flower and the sword parable.  One must understand one is the flower, but also understand that there is a man coming to kill you.  In the story the Samurai pulls his sword and defeats the attacker and then without a wasted breath goes back to his flower.  Do you think this fits our time?

I am feeling the weight of our time, It is a very wondrously interesting time. I feel like I am seeing the myths of the last epoch crashing into biological reality.  In other words in the last epoch our religions gave us dominion over nature and we have gone too far with its myths.  Like any animal body, (like overpopulated deer for example,) we are now experiencing the corrections of going too far.    Objectifying, let us control nature.  This has been amazing!  However, we have gone too far.  In my opinion, most of human religion and commerce objectifies humans and this is what has gone too far.  It works.  There is no doubt it is a functional strategy, but I don’t think anyone who looks at the situation before us can see a way out that does not involve a change in consciousness.  The capacity to see oneself as part of the infinite expression of life, the ability to observe oneself dipping into one’s survival instinct tool bag, a tool bag of tools that say I am separate and must survive! This capacity of observation seems essential to moving forward.  The ability to surrender and to choose at the same time, to see the illusions of the myths you are living and being asked to live is essential.  I have come to see that to do Kundalini, to become aware, is a hero’s path and it is not easy.

Our workshop should be a party, a celebration of the capacity of humans to touch the enlightened aspects of themselves, to counter their survival instincts and myths and occupy for a moment a place of justice and freedom and synergy, a place called Enlightenment, a place we are heading toward, with a capacity to live in a distant light, to bear pain with curiosity, a present that is the future.

I want to experiment with conciousness, freedom and community- that is our workshop, right?!!



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