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Pain! Run!

Hot and cold running fear!

I am a runner.  You are a runner.  We are all running.  From what? – from pain.  Running from pain is one of the deepest mechanisms in our biological construction and programming!

I want you to explore your running.  If you want a challenge, here is how this one begins-  notice a moment when you react unconsciously and emotionally.

Have you reacted to someone deeply and negatively lately?  intensely- For no reason?

Maybe it is your wife saying something to you or someone else getting you too mad for the situation, or just a person in traffic, what ever it is get it for yourself before you go on- maybe it will happen to you tomorrow- tell us what it is.

For W. I hope he finds a moment that makes him feel insufficient, unworthy, afraid- for G.  a moment that makes him escape intimacy, a moment that makes him fear being hurt and not trusting- For I. a moment that makes him feel superior or angry- For P.  a moment that kicks him into anxiety-  For Z.  a moment that bumps him into anger- For V. a moment that bumps him into inaction-  For A.  a moment that makes him feel like a failure- For L.S.- a moment he feels not good enough… for F. a moment when he freezes and shuts down.

Write it down now.  I had a moment yesterday when I felt I did not belong, when I felt hurt and it awakened feelings that shot all the way back to my childhood.  This is the kind of moment I want you to experience. When you have your moment crystal clear let me know.

When you have it- we will go on to “the question” you will ask yourself about your reactions and feelings…

Let me know when you have your moment, we all have them, everyday…

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3 Responses to “Pain! Run!”

  1. Itay Arad says:

    Right now: need to figure out the taxes, how much I owe in benefits to an employee, answer an employee about a raise they asked. hit me Shaman.

  2. Gershom says:

    Today I initiated a new employee below me having a title to empower her to do outreach more effectively. My own title level was being thrown around among the options and I was suddenly in a panic and feeling a mix of very small and panicky, like I had just given away my place in the organization and that the organization had no respect for me and my contributions, and why should it? I don’t do enough! I did not want to crush her and scrape for my place in an unseemly way, but I also needed to assert myself in the leadership. We settled on a title two levels under mine, but for that moment I was absolutely thrown by fear of being unvalued and having to be pushy.

  3. P. says:

    It’s not anxiety lately, but just pure, unadulterated anger and hostility that crops up when I least expect it.

    For the most part, I feel happy and content with life right now. I’m deeply appreciative of my wife and what we have together, as well as the knowledge of my own gifts. Some things, though — cops, particularly, or obnoxious drivers while I’m riding my bike — fill me with a corrosive, violent rage. I imagine beating the crap out of that person and “teaching them a lesson.”

    In my more rational moments, I now realize that this rage is a tie to childhood. I was made fun of, bullied and beaten. Sometimes I fought back, sometimes even successfully, but for the most part I know that I hid in fear. I resent myself for that, and these feelings are my revenge, both to my oppressors and the animal within me that I’ve kept caged.

    Yes, I feel incredibly guilty that I harbor such ugliness deep inside of me. G. led an exercise back in February where we all wrestled on another; I. probably remembers how much anger and fear this stirred up in me that night. I wanted to hurt him, and felt incredibly awful about it and started crying.

    What keeps this all in check is thinking about the consequences of acting on this. To calm myself down I take deep breaths, thinking of the good things in life, or the beauty of what I have in my life now.

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