Michael Rossato-Bennett lives in NYC. He is a householder with a wife, two beautiful children and two dogs. He has accepted the challenge to become Enlightened in one year. Will he succeed?

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Getting a new set of eyes-

A new way of seeing...

So I am finally getting to the end of this project.

It is pretty cool, I wanted to change something elemental in the way I was living…

It wasn’t working, I was full of a lot of what I felt was justified anger and now something has changed and I want to share it with you. I am seeing something I have never been able to see.

I’m not bragging here, I am pretty sure mine is a remedial case of ‘in-lightening’. What I have discovered is pretty Hallmark, it is nothing new, I bet you know it already- but it is new for me!  What is new is that it is awakening authentically inside of me.    See, this year has paid off- my practice has cleaned out my vessel, put my mind in its place and given me this simple and small enlightenment.  It is enough to make me feel that the journey was worth it. It really has ‘lightened’ me…

Here is what cracked…  I hope I can share it with you in a way you can get.  Let me start by asking you, ‘do you ever get angry at people for no reason? Do you ever look at people and see mostly their darkness?  Do you look out of your lonely eyes and see people as strangers, as warped, as threats?’  Well, I hate to admit it but I have done this for most of my life.

And I get it-

It is a pretty simple choice, most of us make it to some degree or another-  Do you look at others as threats most of the time?  Are you defended?  It is a common path: we get hurt, we armor up, and before we know it we forget how to see the world as a child looking up into the eyes of a mother’s love, we no longer open our mouths and receive nourishment from the infinite tit of the infinite mother.  No, instead we look out in the world and see people who want to rip us off, we see a dog eat dog world, we see bullies and people who want to judge us and so we armor up.

When your heart is armored you can not see the light in yourself, when you can not see the light in others.  It is that simple I am afraid…

It makes sense right? Well, another thing that compounds it is that most of us are trained to live in an armored manner.  We are sent to schools that beat our brains into molds, we get to experience bullies, we are soaked in messages from advertisers that say we are not good enough, and with the destruction of the village, we live in a culture with less and less connection.  We are in stress from all of this…  it takes great courage and discipline to awaken from this world of isolation and self judgement.

In my opinion this is the modern spiritual path, turning away from foolishness and awakening to what it real for your deepest self.

Actually this is the story of my year of seeking.

Here is the gift that has made the difference for me-  I have been on a revolutionary 40 day practice for me, trying to see the good in people, and it was almost working.  I was forcing myself to stop seeing people’s ugliness and instead see their beauty.

To tell the truth, for my way of seeing the world, this task seemed a little forced, but I stayed with it.

But then while I was meditating my teacher whispered this instruction in my ear, she said, “Look inside and find the place deep down inside, that knows everything will be OK.’

It was that simple.

To my surprise it is there, easy to find.  I never knew it was there!!!!

See, it is the place that knows the mother’s eyes, that knows the mother’s tit, that plucks food from trees and drinks water from rivers and feels the sun on everything.  One year of meditation has cleared enough of a path so I can find this place!  A whole life of looking outward, looking for the love of a mother, of a father, recognition; a whole life of looking for love in all the wrong places is suddenly turned on its head.

I felt it.

That place.

My teacher calls it the soul.

Then she gave me the instruction to go out and see this place in others.  Now here is where it gets interesting for me.  See, as an isolated guy, a guy with an armored heart, I have had a hard time connecting with people, but this idea did it for me.

Maybe it won’t work but you should try it, after you really find, really sit in that place in you, go out and look at others and try to see that place in each of them where ‘everything is ok’ .

It is so amazing!  I can see it.  I can finally look at others and see them in a way that makes them amazing, that makes them part of my world and me part of theirs!  I can finally find something I can see in others that makes them trustworthy!   Finally!  What a gift!

I see souls.

and it is nothing special.

I am seeing nothing more than what is there.  I have taken off my glasses and things make sense.

my journey, at least this part of it is over.

Try it.

Let me know if you feel anything!

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One Response to “Getting a new set of eyes-”

  1. Itay says:

    My mantra tweet of the day: “Look inside and find the place deep down inside, that knows everything will be OK.’

    This is why I married Lilly, her soul whispered to me “everything’s gone be alright….” and then found that she needs reminders too, along the way.

    This why we need friends to see god from their being.

    much love, Itay

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