Michael Rossato-Bennett lives in NYC. He is a householder with a wife, two beautiful children and two dogs. He has accepted the challenge to become Enlightened in one year. Will he succeed?

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A Kundalini Master


Do you remember our practice?  If you forgot, it is time to remember.  Remember the practice is to actively see the good in EVERY person you see- even if you can not see it.  Remember this is a practice, a practice to learn about our habits, to battle you anger, your retreat, your meanness.  DO NOT PETER OUT LIKE YOU USUALLY DO, you bums!

This weekend I learned a lesson from one of the greatest Kundalini Masters of all time-  and this lesson is the second part of our assignment-

Some times the lesson a teacher has for us is taught more by the tone of voice, by the heat of the fire burning inside, by the man’s rhythm- Do you know what I mean?  Sometimes you can learn more from a man by the way he stands, by the way he circulates energy in his body,  sometimes this is more than his words.  Sometimes just taking in a person’s wisdom that is contained in the way they move, or speak can change your life in an instant.  This master has something to teach you about being a man.  Can you figure out what he has to teach you?

When you are ready to devote 5 minutes to our second practice please download and listen to the file I sent you, or this one (it is the same)-


Make sure you can listen alone and LOUD.

Listen to this file with your whole being, try to take in what he is teaching you about being a Man.  Try and take it in, make it you.  Not part of you, let yourself be his energy, as if his inspiration was yours.  He is talking about what it means to attack life.  Try to hear the power of his attack.  See if you can embody it.  He is trying to teach you something you have forgotten, a lesson about living with fire buring inside.

So, here is your assignment-

  1. Turn on your own fire.  Observe- How hot can you make your fire burn?  Can you blast your fire like he does, like it was a superpower?

    Burn like the Master!

  2. This Master knows the secret of living with an inferno burning inside.  Please unlock this power, and master his lessons by our next meeting.
  3. Continue with the seeing good in others practice until we meet.

Write to report or if you need support.

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    read it, can’t wait to find some alone time this evening.

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