Michael Rossato-Bennett lives in NYC. He is a householder with a wife, two beautiful children and two dogs. He has accepted the challenge to become Enlightened in one year. Will he succeed?

A conversation: Is Hari a good Teacher? from Michael Rossato-Bennett on Vimeo.


Music and Alzheimer’s

My work…

Just add music and presto! Joy!

My work and my spiritual work are starting to blend together in a strange unanticipated way.  I am making a documentary film on how music can help people with Alzheimer’s disease in nursing homes.  Actually, as I progress in the project it is becoming more a story about how music can point us what is needed to make nursing homes a better place for our elders, and beyond that how being in music can point us toward how we as a culture must rethink our views on Elders, Nursing homes, and our place in nature! www.ximotionmedia.com

At first I would come into these nursing homes and give an iPod to someone and watch as they came alive and be amazed.  It seemed for a moment that we had stumbled on something- a cure!!  But slowly it became obvious that something else was going on…  Why were they waking up?  What were we really giving them?  Were we part of the magic?  How was it possible that this magic was not part of their lives?  Why were they housed away from this magic?  What is going on?

I think I can help…  for the first time in my life, I think I can do something good for a bunch of people.  There are 1.5 million people like the guy I saw today, the guy I helped open up, and smile like a flower….

Hari writes:

Dear Michael,

Please tell me more about this moment, the moment you realized that you can help, that you are here to help?

Did you feel yourself as King or Slave?

I think I know the answer.
I know you know the answer.

Are you a King?

Who are you Michael?

Please let me know. Who are you?


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