Michael Rossato-Bennett lives in NYC. He is a householder with a wife, two beautiful children and two dogs. He has accepted the challenge to become Enlightened in one year. Will he succeed?

A conversation: Is Hari a good Teacher? from Michael Rossato-Bennett on Vimeo.


an ancient path…

Hari writes:

Dear Michael,

You want to open your heart
You want to transform from a slave to a king.
You want to travel on the royal path of Raj Yog.

Raj Yoga

Yoga is an ancient path – you experience it in the form of yoga classes, but when you do these simple classes you can feel the power calling you back to the essence of your own cellular structure – before the anger, before the confusion. When you breathe with others in rhythm with your heart and all hearts, you are called back to the moment of conception – but – even then – there can be fear, and hesitation. Even then. So you continue to travel.

You continue to move, in ways that your body has never moved, you continue to breathe and your breath and mind visit places you have long since forgotten. You enter the fortresses of your bones, the maze of your inner world, and the prison of your rib cage.

All of a sudden you are called back to your origins even before conception, to the archetypal experience that humans share – all of us. When you feel that integration and that togetherness, and everyone else feels it too –the individual aura merges with the group aura and the group aura becomes universal – this experience cannot be matched. That togetherness, that union between you and everyone and the huge unknown that is God and us is new to you. Your anger and fear and hiding cannot survive this amazing grace!

You have joined the living!

But the process is not complete. Bring home this experience into your world, into your family and see them as the amazing people they are – speak to them as the amazing people they are, see that experience in them. This is your family.

But the process is still not complete. Look around you. You have an overlay of that anger and fear on every person that is walking on this planet. Your suspicious eye is searching for the pain and sees none of the light. Ok, it protects you, but at what cost? Is the person walking next to you really going to harm you? I suggest that – in most cases – that person is busy thinking about their own safety – and not you. Come out of the cage, Michael and enjoy the light that is there! Certainly the darkness is there – but it is an illusion to block out the light. How can you be king if you do not have love for your kingdom? Where will you lead everyone? Into the darkness? Not you, you do not want that you and you know it. Your heart is too big and too far- reaching for such a cold hard life. You were not born for that smallness. We are a global tribe, and you experience that in your yoga and you cannot live small anymore.

Seva makes you King. Seva gives you the perspective of the world – of a world of people – and the good that you can do as king. Come into the public domain. See what you can give as a benevolent King in your life. Share your heart, which is what you want to do – teach your children to do the same. Show them that there is greatness and love in helping each other – and grace in asking for help when you need it. You have already asked for help – grace is yours. Claim the greatness because you have that grace – pass it on. You will see. Take action that directly represents your personal yoga experience. Act as if we are one energy.

By the way, Michael. You have no choice in this. This is where you are going. All greatness has love in it, and your love is bigger than you know. You will see, you cannot help but serve and help. You will see. I am just asking you, start now, it will bring the love to the surface, you will find the King in you.

PS – I will not stop reminding you about this – and you will see – it will come to be.


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