Michael Rossato-Bennett lives in NYC. He is a householder with a wife, two beautiful children and two dogs. He has accepted the challenge to become Enlightened in one year. Will he succeed?

A conversation: Is Hari a good Teacher? from Michael Rossato-Bennett on Vimeo.



Guilt is punishing your self for another- death in the guise of being mistakenly good. Why have I done this?

Why have I done so many of the things I have done with this life?

Judgements separate me from life, there I was watching Mark’s band- judging them. And then, for a moment I opened my consciousness and I could see everyone in the band in their energetic bodies- It was like the matrix, this is what I could live like if i was fearless enough.

Cries and Whispers long gone

It made me think about the whispers that I told you about, the ones that whispered to me at night after dreams that went far back. How they scared me. How I still remember that day when I forced them down, down, down inside of me, and commanded them never to return… what were they? And why was I thinking of them now?

And then as I walked the streets, he who had been pushed down, he who had been in the background- Wisperman! came forward and rode me like a horse. I was not steering, I was going at a pace I was not setting and he showed me, took me on a stream through the city and I felt violence and lust and horror and joy and ecstasy, and my eyes became eyes that could see everything and feel everything. Hurtling through the city they saw eyes that could see only numbers, and they were all flashing, some blind, some not blind, but helpless and I knew my path was no longer my own, my volition was no longer my own. In a Moment, my head surrendered to the Wisperman! He was going to take me and this was what I had been fighting my whole life. We were flying. Flying feels a lot like falling, until you crash.

Now I am in midtown, NYC.

There is nothing like going into midtown to make you feel like your life is living in a gladiator pit. There it is easy to see that we are designed by nature to be split. I guess Nature wants us to put ourselves into little small groups, and to send us scurrying with anxiety, in absolute survival mode, to the far corners of the world… I see it now, this is the way to keep the zygote safe. But what if you know the truth? What do you do then? Is it OK to laugh at our selves? Can we live inside our nature and inside other natures as well? Isn’t that why you gave us laughter? So we could raise the Wisperman? So we can vibrate with glee!?

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